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2016-2017 Staff Class

Submitted by S6 on 2016-04-28 13:42:03

All cadets, Those of you that wish to become a member of the 2016-2017 staff class need to apply for the position of your choice. Write a letter addressed to your current commanding officer in a business letter format. The focus of the letter is you; the position you are applying for, what qualifies you for that leadership role, and what you hope to accomplish with said role. Make sure to include any previous accolades or other outstanding achievements you feel will support your claim to the job. You need to portray yourself as the best option available, you will be competing amongst your peers for these leadership roles. Understand that you may not receive the job you apply for, but another one in its stead. So carefully consider both the position you want to apply for and the reasoning behind that decision.


Submitted by CO on 2016-04-23 10:29:47

If you have missed the first or second run relays, you must report to Kentwood Highschool immediately. Meet at the portable classroom so that we may take accountability of you. The first run began at 0800, the second began at 0830. If you missed either, report to Kentwood.

Award Banquet RSVP

Submitted by CO on 2016-04-19 15:03:31

Award Banquet invitations are being sent home with cadets on Thursday, April 21st. RSVP is REQUIRED by MAY 9th Cadets please provide your parents with the invitation envelope ASAP and then get it back to the classroom lock box by May 9th Thank you!

Super Squads

Submitted by S3 on 2016-04-19 13:53:31

If you will not be able to attend super squads you need to tell a staff member prior to Saturday

Camp Barachah Trip

Submitted by First Sergeant on 2016-04-19 12:49:14

The following people have been selected to go to Camp Barachah for the Annual Cadet Leadership Exercise. The dates you will be going are the 27th-29th of May. The cost OVERALL for each cadet is 110 dollars. This includes all meals, facilities, and beds. The parent booster board has agreed to cover a percentage that is to be determined. If you are on this list, and cannot go, please inform a staff member Via text message, or e-mail so we can take you off the roster, and add the next person in line. If you are able to go, you need to clear your calendars for that weekend, and do not over book. We do not want people pulling out last minute because of a scheduling error. An LOI is to follow soon. Abutin, Acain, Aho, Alverado, Armenta, Barlow, Blessing, Brown Tanner, Campbell J, Capers, Dickinson, Dumlao, Durnford, Edwards Garnica L, Garvida, Genson, Guthmiller, Hapner, Hart, Jensen, Jones, Khrushch, Koteleskiey, Lazzar, Lenius, Long, Maley, Morgan E, Nava-Ramirez, Principe, Quinlin, Salgado, Sargent, Sheran, Singh, Sisson, Somal, Sosa A, Sosa L, Symon, Symon.

Super Squads

Submitted by S3 on 2016-03-22 13:36:46

Go check out the Super Squads LOI for April 23.