Types of Uniform: (From most to least formal)

Dress Uniforms

Dress Blue Uniform "A": Blues Dress coat with medals and Blues Dress trousers

Dress Blue Uniform "B"(Blues): The medals in the Dress Blues A uniform are replaced with ribbons and badges

Dress Blue Uniform "C":  Blues Dress trousers with the Blues Dress coat replaced by the Long Sleeve Khaki shirt and tie

Dress Blue Uniform "D"(Deltas): Blues Dress trousers with the Short Sleeve Khaki Shirt

*Male: under Blues you must wear a black shirt, preferablly no graphic.
Deltas and Dress Blues Charlies are to be worn only by seniors, unless you are explicitly told you can wear it.*
*Female:  under Blues you will wear the white shirt you are issued and the neck tab.
Deltas are to be worn only by seniors, unless you are explicitly told you can wear it.*
Service Uniforms

Service Uniform "B"(Bravos): Long Sleeve Khaki Shirt and tie with Green trousers

Service Uniform "C" (Charlies): Short Sleeve khaki shirt and Green trousers
*Must wear white short sleeve crew neck shirt, with no graphics, underneath blouse.* 
Utility Uniform
 Camouflage Utilities (Cammies) : Camouflage blouse and Camouflage trousers 
 *Must wear PT shirt or sweatshirt underneath blouse.*
 The Service Sweater or "Woolie Pully" is sometimes worn with Bravos. It is a green fleece pull over.
 *You do not wear your tie under the "Woolie Pully".*


01/27/2015                         Utilities
02/03/2015                         Bravos w/woolie pully
02/10/2015                         Utilities
02/24/2015                         Utilities
03/03/2015                         Most Formal
03/10/2015                         Bravos w/tie
03/17/2015                         Bravos w/tie
03/24/2015                         Utilities
03/31/2015                         Charlies
04/14/2015                         Uniform Respective to the IG Inspection
04/21/2015                         Utilities
04/28/2015                         Bravos w/tie
05/05/2015                         Most formal
05/12/2015                         Utilities
05/19/2015                         Utilities
05/26/2015                         Charlies
06/02/2015                         Utilities
06/09/2015                         Most formal
06/16/2015                         Bravos w/tie