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Submitted by CO on 2016-02-01 15:56:43

This weekend (Feb 6th, 2016) is the home meet for this year. This is an all hands on deck event. If you are not performing in an event, it is highly likely that you will be on a working party. You will be representing Kentwood High School and the Marine Corps so your professionalism is key. This means being in proper attire and regulation appearance, and to conduct yourself to a higher standard. Stay updated by asking your chain of command and visiting the LOI page on the website. Details are soon to come. This event is similar to the crab feed in the sense that it will consume your whole day and you may NOT leave or show up late. This will be a graded event.

Message from the Commandant

Submitted by CO on 2015-11-10 12:00:40

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